The 11th Southern Africa Association for Education Assessment Conference The Malawi National Examination Board (MANEB) will be hosting the 11th annual conference of the Southern Africa Association for Education Assessment (SAAEA) at Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi, Malawi from 17th July to 19th July 2017. Conference Theme: “Promoting Excellence in Assessment for Quality Education” Smith & Ouzman is partnering with MANEB and ICAM who are your hosts for #SAAEA2017. We have a proud heritage of assisting educational institution in Africa in the form of sponsorships for various conferences and we look forward to helping make #SAAEA2017 a huge success. The below …Read More

Peter Ellis joins The Bank of England’s Decision Making Panel

Smith & Ouzman’s Finance Director Peter Ellis has been confirmed as a member of the Bank of England Decision Maker Panel for Brexit implications. The Bank of England acts as an advisory body to the Government and plays a key role in managing the economy. In the wake of the Brexit vote it has launched an important initiative to engage Finance Directors from across industries and around the country to be part of a Decision Maker Panel. The purpose of the panel is to help the Bank understand the implications of Brexit for businesses on the ground. Peter will be …Read More

Funding Ambulances in Kenya

Seeing the arrival of these ambulances in Kenya is a positive conclusion to a very painful experience for all concerned at Smith & Ouzman; it had long been hoped that this might be the outcome of negotiations between the British and Kenyan governments. Lessons have been learnt which have benefited Smith & Ouzman’s ongoing development, with new market leading bribery and corruption prevention management systems being put in place. Smith & Ouzman is also the first company in the security print industry to attain BS10500 accreditation (soon to become ISO37001). We are sure that our experiences have helped open the eyes of …Read More

Today, social media was a hot topic… but have we got our approach right?

Today a 21 year old voter has never known a world without Google. In just 8 years time, youngsters will be voting that have never known a world without an iPhone. Is it a surprise that when these young voters cast their vote by using a piece of paper and a pencil tied to a wall, they find it all a bit alien? To them, many aspects of our voting processes are alien, from the registration process to voting day itself. Perhaps this is why they tweet about their voting experience in a derogatory manner. It takes time to build trust in …Read More

Making a Difference

Many of us find ourselves following methods and procedures the way we always have, perhaps because we feel it’s safer or easier that way, but in reality it’s often because we weren’t aware or confident of a better alternative! By opening ourselves up to fresh thinking, we can sometimes open the way to new and more beneficial solutions. We experienced this recently with a local authority who, for many years, had been reluctant to outsource their Postal Vote Packs due to concerns over mismatching of Statements and Ballot Papers. Whilst an understandable concern, it was preventing them from taking advantage …Read More


Protecting Paperwork

With the ever growing threat of document counterfeiting, Smith & Ouzman is helping organisations stay well ahead of the fraudsters. Many businesses who issue documents of value such as Warrants and Warehouse Receipts are being increasingly targeted by the fraudsters who are turning their attention to those whose paperwork is not suitably protected against copying and duplication. Typically fraudsters look for easy-prey; They don’t like to be challenged by protective security features It’s easier for them to target documents with little or no counterfeit protection Any document used as proof of ownership or as a guarantee of stockholding is open …Read More


Smith & Ouzman is helping Royal Mail overcome poll card processing problems

Automated sorting equipment has streamlined mail sorting in the UK, but not without creating many challenges for Royal Mail, especially when processing card products such as poll cards. At Smith & Ouzman we are currently working with Royal Mail to help them resolve these problems without changing the unit cost of the poll card product, thereby minimising the impact of change upon local authorities. Two issues that cause rejections of poll cards within the feeding and sorting processes are the flat nature of card material and the dual address format printed on the face of the cards. Sorting equipment is …Read More

Epayslipsecure nominated for Payroll World Awards 2015 Technology Award

As an approved reseller of Epayslipsecure, Smith & Ouzman is proud to announce that this highly innovative payroll system has been shortlisted for the Technology Award at the 2015 Payroll World Awards, which will take place in London on November 12th. The Payroll World Awards, now in their 5th year, recognise teams and individuals for their outstanding and pioneering work within the payroll industry. The inclusion of Epayslipsecure in the shortlist for the Technology Award, alongside major players such as British Gas, Channel 4 and Ceridian, is testament to the highly impressive functionality of this ground-breaking payroll interface. The criteria …Read More


Smith & Ouzman approved as a distribution partner of Epayslipsecure

The way that employers can communicate with their employees and deliver payslips has evolved, and Smith & Ouzman is proud to become an approved distributor of Epayslipsecure, the highly innovative technology that is saving time and money for companies all over the world. Epayslipsecure is a secure online platform that offers employers multi-channel options for the generation and distribution of payslip and employment–related information to their staff. Increasingly, employers are moving towards electronic rather than paper payslips in order to streamline operations and save costs on production and administration; but at the same time, not all employees are happy with …Read More

Could we see the first online election by 2020?

With the General Election almost upon us and with postal votes becoming increasingly popular amongst members of the public, we decided to take a look back over some of the changes in electoral reform that have occurred throughout the years in the UK. From the first General Election in 1708 to the first woman in the House of Commons in 1919, we speculate as to whether the UK could be having its first online election by 2020.