Ecertsecure now available on its own platform

 Smith & Ouzman’s unique Ecertsecure web portal makes implementing greater levels of security for valuable education certificates easier than ever before.

Ecertsecure offers awarding bodies the increased protection against potential forgery that today’s rapidly changing education sector demands. A huge rise in online university courses means it’s no longer necessary to physically attend an institution, or even be in the same country, and this growth in ‘borderless’ education means it’s even more crucial that awarding bodies protect their certificates from forgery, theft or loss.

At the same time, the process of stepping up security should become easier, not more complicated, so we have responded to this change by making Ecertsecure even more user-friendly via a dedicated URL

Ecertsecure offers awarding bodies flexible ways of personalising, proofing, printing and distributing certificates. Examination and candidate data uploaded by the institution via the Ecertsecure web portal is converted into secured personalised certificates. These can then be either proofed, printed and distributed by the institution themselves or they can choose our in-house print & delivery service.

Because everything is contained within the Ecertsecure web portal, all actions can be carried out remotely for complete flexibility and convenience.

Previously there was no system for including candidate photos within the certificates – but we made it happen. Our IT team developed a way of matching the candidates’ photos with their details and grades which we then embed securely within the certificates. We’re extremely proud of our pioneering work in this field and Ecertsecure demonstrates our continued ability and determination to provide even greater levels of security for these very valuable documents.