Making a Difference

Many of us find ourselves following methods and procedures the way we always have, perhaps because we feel it’s safer or easier that way, but in reality it’s often because we weren’t aware or confident of a better alternative!

By opening ourselves up to fresh thinking, we can sometimes open the way to new and more beneficial solutions.

We experienced this recently with a local authority who, for many years, had been reluctant to outsource their Postal Vote Packs due to concerns over mismatching of Statements and Ballot Papers. Whilst an understandable concern, it was preventing them from taking advantage of a more efficient and cost effective method of production. Our discussions led us to identify and recommend two alternative methods for the production and fulfilment of their Postal Vote mailings, both of which addressed the issue of potential mismatching, helping overcome the client’s concerns for outsourcing this part of their workload. Our solution helped them recognise the real benefits of the new process, resulting in full confidence and complete peace of mind in our proposals. As a result, we were awarded their contract for print and fulfilment for all their 2017 County Elections work.

Smith and Ouzman are members of the Cabinet Office Suppliers group and have extensive experience in meeting the demands of elections services teams. If you would like to find out more about our election print and mailing solutions you can visit us on stand 14 at this year’s AEA Conference at Brighton where you are sure of a warm welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there.