Protecting Paperwork

With the ever growing threat of document counterfeiting, Smith & Ouzman is helping organisations stay well ahead of the fraudsters.

Many businesses who issue documents of value such as Warrants and Warehouse Receipts are being increasingly targeted by the fraudsters who are turning their attention to those whose paperwork is not suitably protected against copying and duplication.

Typically fraudsters look for easy-prey;

  • They don’t like to be challenged by protective security features
  • It’s easier for them to target documents with little or no counterfeit protection

Any document used as proof of ownership or as a guarantee of stockholding is open to such fraud.

The issuer needs to insist upon multiple levels of overt and covert security to be included in their client documentation to ensure counterfeiters are unable to reproduce them or make copies.

Smith and Ouzman are well respected by many legal and financial institutions throughout the world, providing documents with enhanced secure protection against this ever evolving, ever changing threat.

We are continually developing;

  • Overt and Covert anti-fraud document technology
  • Security features to ensure our customers are always several steps ahead of the criminals

If you would like to discuss further how we can help protect your client documentation from fraudulent use, let us know here or drop us a line.