Smith & Ouzman approved as a distribution partner of Epayslipsecure

The way that employers can communicate with their employees and deliver payslips has evolved, and Smith & Ouzman is proud to become an approved distributor of Epayslipsecure, the highly innovative technology that is saving time and money for companies all over the world.

Epayslipsecure is a secure online platform that offers employers multi-channel options for the generation and distribution of payslip and employment–related information to their staff.

Increasingly, employers are moving towards electronic rather than paper payslips in order to streamline operations and save costs on production and administration; but at the same time, not all employees are happy with using or able to access epayslips. The beauty of Epayslipsecure is that it is all-inclusive – it allows for epaylips, paper payslips, Braille and large print versions to be produced from the same payroll database, allowing employers to modernise their procedures without risking discrimination or alienation of any staff members.

Epayslipsecure works with established payroll software, meaning that employers don’t need to make costly changes to their existing arrangements. This is particularly useful for large companies with subsidiaries that use a range of different payroll systems; Epayslipsecure simply works invisibly in the background across all systems and because it is a bespoke product, it has an identical appearance to the company’s existing systems.

It’s not just about payslips though; Epayslipsecure is also a secure two-way communication channel with the functionality of a company intranet and employee self-service facility. Both employers and employees can upload and access all payroll–related data such as P60s, sickness and holiday records, health & safety information and staff handbooks, leading to greater efficiency and considerable savings on time spent answering phone calls, searching through paper and email archives and postage costs.

Epayslipsecure should not be confused with a payroll system, nor is it in the market to compete with payroll providers; its purpose is to complement existing payroll products by adding bespoke functionality that enhances the current payroll system. This ‘tailoring’ results in an invisible, seamless link between employer and employee that exactly matches the needs of the business to save both time and money.

Smith & Ouzman has accreditation to BSEN ISO 27001:2005 for data security and the fact that the product is used by major FTSE 100 companies, including many from the financial services sector, demonstrates its proven success.

If you would like to find out more about how Epayslipsecure can benefit your company and your employees, please get in touch for further information and a product demonstration.