Today, social media was a hot topic… but have we got our approach right?

Today a 21 year old voter has never known a world without Google. In just 8 years time, youngsters will be voting that have never known a world without an iPhone.

Is it a surprise that when these young voters cast their vote by using a piece of paper and a pencil tied to a wall, they find it all a bit alien? To them, many aspects of our voting processes are alien, from the registration process to voting day itself. Perhaps this is why they tweet about their voting experience in a derogatory manner. It takes time to build trust in unfamiliar procedures.

Instead of being reactive; i.e. correcting misguided tweets – maybe the answer is to engage with our young society prior to the election. Maybe we need to be proactive. I am in no way suggesting that this should be done in a politically biased manner, but I do think that it’s our role to help educate and set expectation in this tech rich world.

Adam Jeacock