Our latest multi-media product Elicencesecure goes live

We are very proud to announce the launch of Elicencesecure as the latest addition to our portfolio of multi-media products.

From our many years of working with developing nations in southern Africa we understand the serious problem of counterfeiting and forgery within the industries that play an important part in these countries’ economies. As specialists in data security, we have been working on a solution that will help combat this insidious problem and help to alleviate the threat caused to life and livelihood, put a stop to the use of child labour and reduce the damage being done to the environment and wildlife.

Industries such as diamond and precious metals mining, tourism, wildlife parks and conservation have been exploited by forgery and counterfeit experts for many years; despite the continued efforts of governments and professionals within these industries, the problem has persisted because the tools and strategies to stop the problem have just not been robust enough to deter those with criminal intent – the determination of these people to protect their illegal trade and the huge profits they can make is very hard to beat. But we are confident that this is about to change.

The technology we have designed for Elicencesecure allows for high security features to be integrated into both print and digital licences and certificates, making it extremely hard for them to be forged, and the latest validation technology allows for full track and trace capability and validation from anywhere in the world from any device. It’s this comprehensive level of security that underpins the security of the documents – there is no door left ajar that can be prised open by the wrong person.

As with all Smith & Ouzman’s multi-media products, Elicencesecure is designed to be easy to use; the technology is extremely advanced but the user experience is straightforward to understand and operate; that’s why it works.

Read all about it! We’re in the latest issue of ACES magazine

Smith and Ozman in Aces Magazine

ACES magazine is always a cracking read for anyone in the business community of East Sussex and with a three-page feature on Smith & Ouzman’s secure print services, we reckon the latest issue is unmissable!

Smith & Ouzman’s Dinah Ouzman and Adam Jeacock met up with ACES’ Ian Trevett to talk about the many print security services we can offer to local businesses, including secure document storage and how we can help businesses comply with the imminent new GDPR data protection laws.

Smith & Ouzman is recognised internationally as a leader of security print services but we have been part of Eastbourne’s business community since 1955 and have long-standing working relationships with many businesses in the Sussex area. If you think your business could benefit from increased security measures for your sensitive documents and records, we would be delighted to hear from you.

ACES is the official magazine for the Alliance of Chambers of Commerce in East Sussex, published by the Platinum Publishing Group.

Click here to read our feature.

Why your office needs a confidential shredding service

These days most people are pretty switched on about the safe disposal of personal documents such as utility bills and bank statements, anything that could be used for identity fraud or clearing out your bank account. But are we so careful when it comes to fraud within the workplace? Possibly not.

The trouble with the people who commit this kind of crime is that you can’t spot them; they could be an employee or a colleague, as unlikely as that may seem. The fraudster who commits crimes by forging your signature or hacking your email can look exactly the same as anyone else.

If your confidential waste is just going into your office recycling bin it’s easy pickings for anyone who has a mind to. Even if you are shredding your documents and have them collected by a waste disposal company, without an audit trail and certificate of destruction, you have no proof of what happens to your waste after it leaves your premises.

Put simply, if you are responsible for the safe keeping of your company’s confidential documents you are responsible for their safe disposal too. The introduction of the new Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation in May this year means that anyone who holds personal data for clients and customers must comply with the new rules or run the risk of large fines if found to be in breach. Don’t put yourself at risk – act now to ensure your processes are fully compliant with best practice and with GDPR.

Our confidential shredding service with audit trail and certificate of destruction is the most secure way of complying with your legal obligation to protect any data you hold about your clients and employees. It’s also a great way of reducing your company’s environmental footprint and meeting your sustainability targets.

We can provide this service as a one-off or on a regular basis according to your needs. We can collect from your premises or you can deliver your document to us, the choice is entirely yours.

We really enjoyed meeting other local businesses at NetXP at the East Sussex National in Uckfield on Thursday 1st March where we talked about how straightforward and affordable it is for businesses to protect themselves from the risk of fraud and counterfeiting. If you didn’t make it, do get in touch at any time for more information.

Did you feel the earth move this year? The ‘Youthquake’ effect on voting

As we get ready to make the journey north to Blackpool for the 2018 AEA Conference we’ve been reminding ourselves of the issues that were on the agenda at last year’s conference in Brighton and looking at how the landscape has shifted within electoral services.

One issue that generated a lot of discussion last year was the role that social media plays in the voting experience for young people – this proved to be quite a hot topic. The general consensus of young people’s experience in exercising their democratic rights was not a positive one – so why is that? and what can be done to change this trend?

A lack of interest in politics is definitely not the reason; after all, the Oxford Dictionaries 2017 word of the year is ‘youthquake’, defined as “a significant cultural, political or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people”. In many countries, 2017 was a year of political change where young people tipped the balance of power, but why did they feel the need to tweet their disgruntlement with the voting process?

The pre-digital world is fast fading into the past – today, a 21-year-old voter has never known a world without Google and in just eight years’ time new voters will have never known a world without an iPhone, so it’s not a surprise that when these young voters are presented with a piece of paper and a pencil tied to a wall with a piece of string to cast their vote, they find it all a little disaffecting.

It appears that many aspects of the current voting process seem alien to them, from the registration process to voting day itself, so it’s easy to see why they would tweet about their voting experience in a negative manner. It takes time to build trust and confidence with unfamiliar procedures.

It’s easy to be reactive and look to correct misguided tweets, but maybe the answer is to look at how we engage with our young society prior to elections. The official recognition of ‘youthquake’ is proof that young people are definitely not apathetic or disengaged, as they are sometimes portrayed by older generations, and the fact that the youth turnout at the 2017 General Election was the highest since 1992 backs up the buzzword, but many seem to be somewhat disillusioned with party politics and simply don’t feel the connection that has characterised the voting habits of the UK of recent times.

In this tech rich world, those in control of the voting process perhaps need to be more proactive in their approach to the next generation. Whether it’s an iPhone or a pencil we use, what we need to be encouraging is our right to vote in our democracy and that’s always going to be something worth protecting.

2017 was quite a year for politics, both at home and abroad, and many things happened which seemed unlikely this time last year, but it’s the prospect of the unexpected that keeps us all on our toes. Can the world take another year of political change and intrigue? Of course it can!

Our New Website and Why We Love It

We’re excited to announce that our new, hugely revamped, website is live. The updated site has been re-thought from the ground up to make it easier to understand the scope of our business offerings and to help you find the sector of our business you require.

It boasts a new, contemporary look, structural changes and a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all of which will make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

We started by thinking about our potential audiences and how they might want to find things on the site. In other words, we tried to view the website from their perspective rather than our own. This helped us to structure and write our content.

We thought how we could create the easiest navigation possible, given the scope of our business offerings.

We’ve used page animations and smooth scrolling to make viewing the site a nicer experience and work better on small devices. We have tried to create an ‘app-like’ experience.

We have built context specific contact forms into each section to help those wishing to get in touch with us and to help us help them more effectively.

All in all, we are very happy with the outcome and hope that you are too. Of course, we recognise that it is also a work in progress as all websites are, so we will continue to look for ways to improve it. We welcome any feedback.

Source: Our New Website and Why We Love It on Emerge//Secure