Every employee at Smith & Ouzman has voluntarily added their signature to our declaration to show their own personal commitment to provide our customers with the highest levels of Security, Integrity and Reliability.


Our declaration


We are a proud company. Proud of our heritage and proud of the products and services we provide. We believe that our products and services have contributed to the expansion of democracy and education in post-conflict and developing nations across the world.

Smith & Ouzman is a family-owned business run in a diligent and prudent manner, with no huge growth agenda or any needs to meet the demands of a short term financial market such as maintaining increases in share values.

We believe in developing and nurturing mutually beneficial long term relationships with customers and suppliers. These relationships are based on trust, openness, co-operation and flexibility. By caring for these relationships we believe that the company and its staff are best protected from the inevitable risks and challenges associated with any business.

We take pride in the quality of our products and services. We understand that in order for customers to trust us, we must demonstrate quality at every possible opportunity. We understand the need for continual improvement in every aspect of our business. We engage positively with our customers to understand their needs but reflect internally to ask ourselves, “what can we do better?”

We aim to provide a positive working experience for all our staff, one based on respect, communication and the opportunity to contribute. We believe it should be enjoyable to work in a changing company, amongst many skilled and experienced colleagues. At Smith & Ouzman we believe it is important to understand our place in the global trading world. We aim to treat people fairly, to trade ethically, to minimise our impact on the environment, to protect our staff and to ensure that our customers can rely on us.

Our many business standards, accreditations and company awards demonstrate these things, but it is our culture, our staff, our customers and our pride which really make  Smith & Ouzman the company it is.