Our offline secure printing services include:

  • Certificates
  • Result slips
  • OMR registration forms
  • OMR answer forms
  • Security envelopes
  • Identity documents

With certificate fraud on the increase, Smith & Ouzman can offer specialist security features which include:

  • Watermarked paper
  • Holograms
  • Microtext
  • Copy void
  • Sequential numbering
  • Digital personalisation


Smith & Ouzman is trusted by over 100 examination bodies, educational establishments and awarding bodies to design, print and deliver their examination certificates, registration forms, results slips and other documentation.

The education sector is changing rapidly. There has been a huge increase in online courses and now a student can be anywhere in the world instead of being bound to an institution by physical location. This is why certificate printing will require greater control by the awarding bodies and also why remote online print management and validation solutions such as Ecertsecure from Smith & Ouzman are the future.

From our experience of helping many newly independent Commonwealth nations manage their certificate and examinations supplies, Smith & Ouzman has become a trusted name within the education sector all over the world. Through our increasingly sophisticated printing and data manipulation technology we have helped to combat the serious threat posed by counterfeiting and forgery.

Ecertsecure offers awarding bodies and institutions an online portal through which they can print manage the production of secure examination certificates and validate those certificates produced using the Ecertsecure system.

Ecertsecure delivers high security online digitally embedding technology to the education certification market and is the most secure and cost effective online digital solution available.

Ecertsecure offers the efficiency advantages of remote management of certificate printing and online validation to save time and resources whilst maintaining the highest levels of document security.

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