Our services include:

  • Data handling
  • Security printing
  • Digital printing and personalisation
  • Mailing
  • Specialised extended length ballot papers
  • Telephone and internet registration
  • Management information reporting
  • Complete project management and consultancy

Protecting democracy across the world

Smith & Ouzman has a long tradition of working with government departments around the world.

The right to vote is fundamental to our society and is rapidly becoming the case in many developing nations. For democracy to work, strict procedures need to be adhered to and that’s why best practice for procurement is so vital. At Smith & Ouzman we have the products, processes and experience that is essential for the successful delivery of electoral and government print projects.

Our innovation in the production of election materials has put us at the forefront of many UK and international election projects. We have supplied presidential, parliamentary, local elections and referendums and have played a part in the progress of democracy in developing nations.

Our complete in-house production capability includes design, printing, personalisation and dispatch, combined with a fully secure data handling facility which ensures complete control throughout every project.

Our high speed print and personalisation equipment allows us to meet the requirements of government departments in a fast, efficient and cost competitive manner.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet very tight and immovable deadlines. Our sophisticated mailing systems can adapt to very high or low volumes always with the same result – on time delivery without exception.

Technology that can be incorporated into election or government documents include:
• Unique identifying mark and security mark
• Official, impactful, security design and guilloche patterns
• High quality watermarked paper with fluorescing UV fibres for added security
• A woven thread in the paper – similar to banknotes
• Holograms and optically variable devices
• Personalised microtext and invisible UV print
• Reactive ink, sequential numbering, barcoding and secure labelling

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