A printed ticket provides your customer with a souvenir they will cherish forever. Make that first contact between you and your customers special.

Event ticketing

Many event tickets are worth more than the highest value banknotes, so it makes sense to protect them using the same technologies.

Our flexible services mean we can manage the entire ticketing process, from production through to delivery to the customer’s letterbox; or we can just supply the ticket for in-house processing and distribution.

In today’s digital world, a printed ticket arriving in the post holds enormous value for the purchaser. When the ticket arrives the recipient knows that they are going to have a special experience that will leave them with memories they and their friends will always remember.

These tickets represent an extremely valuable link between the event organiser and their customers. A ticket produced by Smith & Ouzman allows organisers to make the most of this opportunity and make their customers feel special and secure.

Printed tickets also have an environmentally-friendly advantage; electronic tickets may appear to be the most eco-friendly ticketing option, but the devices used to receive and display the ticket contribute to the growing problem of e-waste. Our accreditations include the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which is dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Our event tickets can include many valuable features:

• Provide links using 2D barcodes to sponsors’ websites for promotions
• Offer discount voucher options from event sponsors and service providers
• Create durable site maps, provide public transport and Sat Nav information
• Advertise forthcoming events
• Online verification enabling customers to verify tickets online prior to the event
• Colourful, impactful, security design and guilloche patterns (difficult to reproduce)
• High quality watermarked paper with fluorescing UV fibres for added security
• A woven thread in the paper – similar to banknotes
• Holograms and optically variable devices
• Personalised microtext and invisible UV print

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