Document Security Features

A potent combination of overt, covert and forensic security technology and products creates a well-protected, secure document that can be authenticated and verified.

Smith & Ouzman has the capability to incorporate a range of security features into your document design to ensure it is fully protected and resistant to counterfeiting or fraudulent alteration.

It is important to secure the complete life cycle of the document to guarantee total protection. This involves the production of the document itself, unique personalisation with data, photographs and encrypted barcodes, secure storage and distribution and final reconciliation.

Security features are carefully selected for their suitability to your requirements and are combined and built up in layers to provide the best possible protection.

Global Security Print

Smith & Ouzman has been helping organisations to protect their documents for decades and is at the forefront of developing and designing printing solutions that protect companies, their brands and their clients.

Our reputation within the security print services has been developed over more than 65 years of providing clients across our market sectors with the highest levels of security, integrity and reliability. The security documents we produce can carry the highest levels of anti-fraud features to deter counterfeiting and forgery and protect revenue income.

Technology includes specialist secure designs which make reproduction extremely difficult; standard or bespoke multi-tonal watermarks; security threads and fluorescing fibres; holograms; reactive inks; micro-printing techniques and anti-copy technology.

We can supply all documents on base stock for your subsequent personalisation and processing; or we can receive your data by secure transfer and print onto base stock for personalisation, encoding and dispatch from our secure premises.

Our print services include: Certificate printing; Voucher printing; Transactional mail; Ticket printing; Payroll printing; Election printing; OMR scannable forms; Cheque printing; Financial documents; Postal voting packs; Voter registration services; Local currency; Subsidy vouchers; Visas; Election materials; Individual Electoral Registration.

Smith & Ouzman has developed many new unique technologies and techniques over the years, including continuous printing on mould-made registered watermark paper and rainbow split duct printing, encrypted barcode, high security digital embedding and online validation as well as developing international standards for ballot paper printing and national standards for postal voting packs.

Service level agreements can be established for same day or next day dispatch, using the best postal discounts.