Licence and Certificate Printing


Smith & Ouzman has a long history and tradition of working with government departments and private organisations around the world, helping to combat the serious threat posed by counterfeiting and forgery.

Licenses Security Print

Through our increasingly sophisticated printing and data manipulation technology, we offer a wide range of licence and certificate solutions.

We help to protect against the loss of revenue to government and private organisations alike. Some of these solutions include:

Waste Management

The licencing of Waste Management Vehicles operating in:
1. Household Waste Collection
2. Industrial Site Waste Removal
3. Building Site Waste Removal
These are all government sites and require vehicle licences with barcodes for controlled entry as well as tracking of expenditure.

Tour Operator Licences

The printing & validation tools for the issue of Tour Operator Licences as well as tracking of entry to wildlife conservation areas and National Parks.

Mining Licences

The creation of licences for Mining Rights on plots of land and protection against the constant threat of illegal mining of blood diamonds and other minerals which results in the loss of much needed revenue for the country.

“We offer a wide range of licence and certificate solutions, helping to protect against the loss of revenue to government and private organisations alike.”

Other licences and certificates we offer together with verification tools include:

Birth Certificates

Taxi Licences

Insurance Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Traders Licences

Certificates of Authenticity

Death Certificates

Practicing Licences

Land and Housing Certificates

Motor Vehicle Licences

Firearm Licences

Cattle Branding Licences

Roadworthy Certificates

Arms & Ammunition Licences

Ownership Certificates

Technology that can be incorporated into election or government documents include:

  • Unique identifying mark and security mark
  • Official, impactful, security design and guilloche patterns
  • High quality watermarked paper with fluorescing UV fibres for added security
  • A woven thread in the paper – similar to banknotes
  • Holograms and optically variable devices
  • Personalised microtext and invisible UV print
  • Reactive ink, sequential numbering, barcoding and secure labelling
  • Bespoke packing solutions

Our electronic licences and certificates are protected with passport level security technology

Smith & Ouzman’s online web portal solutions enable institutions to generate, personalise and print secure licences and certificates in a convenient, easy, secure and cost-effective way.

There is no need to install expensive infrastructure; by using our innovative and easy to use web portal, institutions can simply generate and print licences and certificates online, securely.

Printing of licences and/or certificates can be done on your current office printers; alternatively, you can speak to our sales staff about a range of secure printers with pin code access, lockable trays to prevent document pilfering as well as UV fluorescing or bleed through toners.