We offer three main formats:

  •  Z-Fold – enables simplex printing of forms by using two full panels for information with the third panel serving as the outgoing address panel.
  • C-Fold – provides three full panels for information, one of which is fully enclosed and automatically detaches itself when the form is opened; this is ideal for information forms.
  • V-Fold – folds to a larger finished size, allowing for larger amounts of data or information.

Pensions and payroll

Smith & Ouzman provides a complete electronic and printed payroll service.

We currently work with FTSE 100, UK companies and worldwide commercial organisations to provide electronic pay advice, self-service web portals, pressure seal pay advice slips and P60 & P11d tax forms.

Smith & Ouzman can also provide complete bespoke secure online MIS web portals for transferring encrypted data files. Automatic data receipts are generated and PDF proofs and confirmation reports are accessed via the web portal for client approval and sign off. Payslips are then mail sorted, personalised, pressure sealed and posted, usually within two days of receipt of the data. Invoicing is automatic via the online portal.

Pressure seal is perfect for the communication of confidential and sensitive information: once sealed, the information is safe and secure and the product is ideal for a smooth flow through the postal process.

Sophisticated mailing capabilities give us the flexibility to handle a wide range of secure mailing, from low volume high value items such as divided cheques to high volume items that must adhere to tight deadlines such as election work.

epayslipsecure logo

Epayslipsecure infographic - web

Epayslipsecure is a secure online web portal that offers employers multi-channel options for the generation and delivery of payslip and employment-related information to their staff.

This clever technology works with all established payroll software so there is no need to install any new software. It is a bespoke web portal that is designed to integrate seamlessly into employers’ existing systems.

Epayslipsecure is all-inclusive. It allows for both electronic and paper payslips to be generated from one payroll database, even in braille. It’s also a two-way communication tool with the functionality of a company intranet and employee self-service facility.

It’s secure, convenient and cost-effective and is already being used by large FTSE companies across the UK.

Contact us today to find out how Epayslipsecure can work for you and your employees.

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