Online data security

Smith & Ouzman offers its clients the highest levels of online security. Our services include:

  • Secure local data centres with onsite back up to protect client data
  • Sophisticated high security digital print personalisation combined with security print and secure substrates
  • Secure mailing service and digital communication outlets

The flexibility of secure multi-media services means that clients use Smith & Ouzman for an increasingly wide range of products and services including: Secure ticketing; Vouchers; Payroll and Pay advice slips; Certificates; Financial payouts; Warrants; Medical Communications.


Secure Multi-media Solutions

Smith & Ouzman continues to research and invest in new technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve security for our clients.

As online communication and digital personalised print becomes increasingly sophisticated, Smith & Ouzman has kept at the forefront of this technical change whilst also understanding that the pace of change is not always equal in all parts of the world.

Smith & Ouzman’s Information Technology department is a global leader of online communication and data management, ensuring that technology has been seamlessly integrated with secure personalised digital print.

Smith & Ouzman’s bespoke branded web portal solutions offer our clients the advantages of using our web to print service within a protected, secure environment.

Our services include: Multi-media consultancy for bespoke projects; Web portals: Data management; Certificate print and validation; Electronic payroll; Digital personalisation; SMS and automatic email response services.

Secure Web to Secure Print

Smith & Ouzman’s bespoke branded portal solutions offer our clients the advantages of web to print, but within a protected, secure environment. That’s why many well-known companies from the FTSE100 and FTSE250 use Smith & Ouzman secure multi-media solutions.

Our web to print service dramatically improves communication, time management and service levels to provide order on demand, online proofing, order tracking, reports and new levels of personalisation.