Certificate Printing


We have helped to combat the serious threat posed by counterfeiting and forgery through our increasingly sophisticated printing and data manipulation technology .

Certificate printing

The education sector is changing rapidly. There has been a huge increase in online courses and now a student can be anywhere in the world instead of being bound to an institution by physical location.

This is why certificate printing requires greater control by the awarding bodies and why remote online print management and validation solutions from Smith & Ouzman are the future.

“We are working with the UK Met Police to prevent fake education certificates being used for ID fraud.”

Our printed certificates are made highly secure through the use of specialist security features, which include:

  • Watermarked paper
  • Holograms
  • Micro text
  • Copy void
  • Sequential numbering
  • Digital personalisation

Printing for the Education Market

As well as certificates we offer a wide range of printed material for the Education market. These include:

Result slips

Security envelopes

OMR registration forms

Identity documents

OMR answer forms

Our electronic certificates are protected with passport level security technology

Smith & Ouzman’s online web portal enables institutions to generate, personalise and print secure certificates in a convenient, easy, secure and cost-effective way.

There is no need to install expensive infrastructure; by using our innovative and easy to use web portal, institutions can simply generate and print certificates online, securely.