Electoral Services


Smith & Ouzman has decades of experience in providing services and support for local authorities and government departments.

For democracy to work, strict procedures need to be adhered to. At Smith & Ouzman we have the products, processes and experience that are essential for the successful delivery of electoral and government print projects.

We work to your timetable, not ours, to put you and your team back in control of your schedule and we guarantee that our dedicated expert account manager will oversee your project from start to finish.

In-house production

Whether it’s processing voter registration and annual canvass or poll cards and ballot papers, we have the capability to
achieve standardised output from many variable forms of data from all leading elections software providers.

Our complete in-house production capability includes design, printing, personalisation and dispatch, combined with a fully
secure data handling facility. We never out-source the production of any items which eliminates the risk of confidentiality
breach or communication breakdown.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet very tight and immovable deadlines. Our sophisticated mailing systems can
adapt to very high or low volumes always with the same result – on time delivery without exception.

Our products include

Postal voting packs

Voter registration/annual canvass

Data security

Poll cards

Postal saving options

Combined ballot/statement

Multiple ballot papers

“We work to your timetable, not ours, putting you and your team firmly in control of your schedule.”

Technology that can be incorporated into election or government documents include:

  • Unique identifying mark and security mark
  • Official, impactful, security design and guilloche patterns
  • High quality watermarked paper with fluorescing UV fibres for added security
  • A woven thread in the paper – similar to banknotes
  • Holograms and optically variable devices
  • Personalised microtext and invisible UV print
  • Reactive ink, sequential numbering, barcoding and secure labelling

Our certifications

Smith & Ouzman electoral quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Smith & Ouzman electoral services security


Smith & Ouzman electoral services corporate responsibility

Environmental & Corporate Responsibility

We maintain numerous certifications in the areas of quality assurance, security, environmental and corporate social responsibility so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are working with a responsible, reputable and experienced supplier.

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