Payslips & Pensions


Smith & Ouzman provides a complete electronic and printed payroll service.

epayslip employee communication

We currently work with FTSE 100, UK companies and worldwide commercial organisations to provide electronic pay advice, self-service web portals, pressure seal pay advice slips and P60 & P11d tax forms.

The way that employees can receive their payslips and communicate with their employer has evolved. Today’s innovative technology means that employers can now easily introduce epayslips whilst maintaining their printed pay advice alternatives, without the need to make any changes to their payroll system.

Just 4% of organisations currently provide access to payslips via an app, yet 60% stated that an app is important or crucial.

Pressure seal

Pressure seal is perfect for the communication of confidential and sensitive information: once sealed, the information is safe and secure and the product is ideal for a smooth flow through the postal process.

We offer three main formats:

enables simplex printing of forms by using two full panels for information with the third panel serving as the outgoing address panel.

provides 3 full panels for information, one of which is fully enclosed and automatically detaches itself when the form is opened; ideal for information forms.

folds to a larger finished size, allowing for larger amounts of data or information.

Our secure online web portal offers multi-channel options for the generation and delivery of payslip and employment-related information


Whatever payroll software our customers use, our service integrates seamlessly with no disruption to existing services, helping to save time and reduce the cost of generating and delivering payslips, P60’s & P11D’s, whilst creating a new two-way channel for employee communications. This is underpinned by our commitment to data security, which provides the absolute peace of mind that our customers demand.

To best serve the digitally connected society we live in and to provide anytime, anywhere access to payslips and related information, our service is available via intranet, web portal and downloadable app for Android, IOS & Windows devices, making it the payroll industry’s most flexible, secure and accessible payslip management platform available.