At Smith & Ouzman we like to encourage creativity and initiative, recognise individual and team contributions and give all of our employees the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

We provide continuous professional development programmes (CPD’s) for all our staff working within the guidelines of the British Printing Industry Federation, the principal business support organisation representing the UK print industry and one of the country’s leading trade associations.

Our programme Vision in Print (VIP) helps us as an organisation to add value and reduce costs, building an in-depth knowledge of process improvement and of best practice in security print to all our employees. Our focus is on building capacity for sustainable improvement within our company rather than short-term gains.

Our Account Managers and Business Development Managers cover territories across the UK and the world. This highly experienced team provides assistance in analysing your business and determining the most suitable solution for your unique requirements.

A dedicated member of our office-based Client Services Department will look after your day-to-day requirements during the progress of the order or project.

For complex projects a Contract Transfer Team is established with representatives of all relevant departments to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.